Wil's Power Wheels Page

Wil's Power Wheels Page

Power Wheels Jeep CJ5: Before...

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and After...

Jeep CJ5: 4 Motors, 2 Batteries, 6" Lift

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Jeep CJ5: 4 Motors, 18 Volts, 6" Lift, 14" Tires

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Videos, Step by Step Power Wheels Modification Instructions and More!

Wil needs just a little more ground clearance Watch 3 year old Wil and his Monster Jeep on Ice Rubber Tire conversion in 4 Inches of Snow Four year old on a Quad on 24 Volts (don't try this at home, kids) 5 Years old and still on the botttle - World Famous Nitrous Power Wheels Corvette.  Instructions now on the CD!!! 12+ mph in a Firerock Jeep Not on the CD yet, but who needs a 4 wheel drive quad, anyway? Auto-crossing your Power Wheel!!! Wil Takes his Rally Kart To Grandpa's Garage.  Don't hit the TC! Garage drifting with the Eliminator Shifter Equipped Power Wheels Wiring Diagram Now on the CD... Install a $25 remote Kill Switch Lightning McQueen on Nitrous.  He needs to stay off that stuff Coming soon to the CD... Mustang GT Mods Power Wheels Modification Page - You can do these mods, too!

Read about the Nitrous Corvette in an MSNBC article (.pdf)

Wil Night Driving in his 18 Volt Volkswagen

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Wil Giving Driving Lessons to His Friends

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Enforcer Jr: 2 motor, 2 battery Conversion

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Safari Jeep now a Military Jeep

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Go Anywhere, Rubber Tire Early Bigfoot

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Now on the CD...
Hot Wheels Rally Kart Mods

12 MPH, NITROX² equipped Rally Kart

Also on the CD...
Nitrous for your Toddler

Why should your 2 year old miss out on all the fun?

Now on the CD...
Working Tailights!!!

Power Wheels have used the same Fake Taillights on their Jeeps since the 80's, here's how to make them ACTUALLY work... for about $5.00 in parts!!!

Also now on the CD...
Wireless Remote Kill Switch

For about $30 total, make a kill switch that will shut the vehicle off from up to 50 feet away!!!

World Famous Nitrous Vette - Donated to SORC Arnold, NE

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Wil's testing a $20 Garage Sale Quad...with 18 Volts:

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18 Volt Bigfoot, soon to be 4X4

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1991 18 Volt Porsche 911 Turbo

The 1991 18 Volt Porsche 911 Turbo

Now Available on the CD:
Wil's very own Rubber Tire Conversion

Junky Jeep II With Cool Rubber Tire Conversion, Click the Power Wheels Modification Button to Order a CD

Wil Driving his "Super Eliminator"

Rubber Front tires, Racing Motors and other mods make this Power Wheel hard to catch

Modified Firerock Super 6 Volt Jeep

3.5 Mph not enough...how about 13.5 mph?

Now on the CD... Screamin' Demon Mods

These Go Karts look cool, but they will get embarassed by a stock Power Wheel... No More!

Now on the CD...
Working Jeep Wrangler Headlights

make your fake Jeep headlights actually work for less than $10 in parts.  Very easy to make headlight array provides super bright light, but can be left on for days without ruining the battery... No plastic melting heat, either!

Now on the CD...
Mustang GT Mods

Add Nitrous and high speed motors to your Stang!

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